Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation

A complimentary 15-minute consultation providing the opportunity to explore your preliminary goals and see if you can achieve what you are looking for in the next steps for your business with Elevate. 

Custom Consultation Package

Book in bulk and save. Not only are session packages THE most effective way to utilize a consulting service, but they are also the most economical. By creating a multi-session plan from day one, you will create accountability for your business to implement the important changes that are part of your service from Elevate, and make the most out of the time spent on your business. Custom plans and pricing available. Contact for details

Hour Session - on location

In-person consultation at your business site. Highly recommended if branding and build out are part of your business concerns. 

Hour Session - remote

An hour of remote consulting (FB video chat or phone). 
Refer to Elevate's about info to create your concierge-style menu of topics and services that can be featured in your sessions. 
Every client will receive a fully customized service built around their specific goals. Takeaways will follow every session, providing you with the next steps to effectively implement Elevate's growth plan for your business.