About Us


Elevate: a step up for your business.

Time is the ultimate commodity for an entrepreneur or small business owner- yes there are lots of businesses doing 'fine' year after year, but is “fine and grind” day after day really what you aimed for? More often than not the self employed made the leap to create a sense of ownership of their own time which is the truest freedom. Working smarter rather than harder will create success, success creates wealth, wealth creates freedom- your time is now your own again and your business can run itself. From established businesses looking to refine their brand  and best practices to a pre-start up making sure their enterprise is 100% from day one, the key is to create a life for  yourself as an entrepreneur that provides you financial wealth and frees up your time by hustling effectively rather than draining assets and energy. Implementing efficiency and best practices to allow you to get where you want to be, personally and professionally, sooner. 

That’s where Elevate Business Consulting comes in. Founded on the belief that even the most independent people need support to reach their goals, Elevate will work with you to create manageable and effective goals based off your individual business needs and help you to see them through to fruition. 

Some of the topics covered in your Elevate Business Consulting sessions include:

  • Turning your Business into a Brand- elevator pitch for your business, simplify and define "what you're going for", people do not have an emotional connection to "abstracts"
  • Hands On Help; building out the actual physical space of your business, decor, floorplan and flow, finishes and fixtures
  • The Big “Little Things”: Logo design, naming your business appropriately, defining key characteristics.
  • Get Tech Savvy: Business tech solutions-  helping with implementing solutions to grow your business from day one  including loyalty programs, point of sale, payment processing, and website design. Neglecting these items because of fear of technology or going with the first solution you see, can cost your business extra crucial capital at best, at worst stunt or kill your business in today’s technology centered world.
  • The Art of Delegation- what do YOU need to do vs what can you delegate, role clarity for employees, creating “boss mode” energy for yourself.
  • Success is Not Subjective- Key Performance Indicators, both tangible (sales and cash flow) and intangible (customer engagement on social media, reviews) create and meet goals
  • Customer Experience Management- creating events and experiences that make your business "share-worthy", entrepreneurship as “giving back”.
  • Business to Business Relationships- creating a support network of reciprocity for your business within complementary industries. Create true win-win scenarios.

Begin with the End in Mind. Where do you want your company to be in a year, three years, five or ten? Will you franchise? Sell? What you do now will make your future goals possible- what you neglect will make that decision for you...